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Tadas Pikutis

Everything You need for Your digital product success

From defining values, vision and strategy to hands-on development of Your next digital product - MB Pikutis is a one stop shop to get all the competences and help that You need!

Strategic consulting

Proven C-level management skills and experience in shaping team core values, mission, and vision to inspire and focus the organization on efficiently solving customer problems.

Product market fit

Expertise as a software developer, product owner, and scrum master to assist in defining product vision, strategy, and structure, reflected in the development backlog, to maximize market fit

Software development and delivery

Proven hands-on technical experience in application development using C++, C#, .NET, Python, and Django, with a focus on quality, reliability, performance, and maximizing product market fit

Process definition and optimization

Proven experience as a business analyst and consultant to align and optimize generic business processes and value delivery workflows for maximum efficiency

Engineering management framework

Establishment and leadership of a competence evaluation and improvement framework to drive team success.

Authenticity and reliability

Committed to honesty and reliability, may not always be pleasant, but always true and dedicated to achieving results.


From small-scale to large-scale projects, our portfolio showcases our expertise and dedication to excellence


  • Co-Founder at PipelinePharma, Solution integration Director at FICO

    Tadas met or exceeded all criteria and was a very good hiring choice.

    Despite his role as CTO of Voltas IT, which created the WV car programming mobile app, Tadas has both leadership and strong programming, and technical skills, comprehensive knowledge of web and cloud technology stack, and full-stack development. He quickly researches, learns, and finds solutions to emerging challenges if he doesn't know something.

    Tadas has a strong product mindset and excels in both the engineering role and provides valuable insights and suggestions related to the product. We found Tadas is very well suited for the Head of Engineering role.

    When joined Pipelinepharma Tadas was able to turn the entire product platform upside down within a year (which was previously being developed for at least 5 years, starting from a local outsourcing team and ending with outsourcing team in Bangladesh) and not only changed the technology stack (to Python), including the cloud provider and the new platform's UI look and feel, but also solved problems that have never been solved before - security, GDPR, performance, stability, Continuous Integration / Continuous Development automated build and deployment pipeline, technical architecture simplification, weekly sprints, and many others. At the critical time for business Tadas took on the role of the leading Python developer which further improved the speed and the quality of the software delivery and has enabled rapid experimentation with business models.

    The observed benefits were cloud costs decreased by about x3 times, new features being released every week vs once a month or longer (previously), productivity increase (eventually the problem became a lack of product managers, not the programmers), the platform improved in all qualitative parameters, especially in terms of stability, security and performance (x4 times).

    In conclusion, Tadas is indeed one of the best technology professionals encountered in recent times.

  • Chief Marketing Officer at PipelinePharma, Full-stack B2B marketer with expertise in technology, data science & life science fields

    I highly recommend Tadas for any IT management role. With his extensive knowledge in both backend and frontend development, Tadas brings a unique perspective to tech solutions. He also has a deep understanding of business processes and strategy, and is very creative in finding optimal solutions that balance quality and cost.

    Tadas was a major contributor to the successful transformation of Pipelinepharma's core web system, resulting in improved performance and quality, and significantly better SEO results. His expertise has been invaluable in solving problems related to public-facing web applications, customer experience and data security.

    Tadas is a goal-oriented, quick learner and works super effectively at implementing and deploying new technologies within the company. He can effectively explain complex technical concepts to non-technical individuals.

    Tadas is also a pleasure to work with because he is helpful, intelligent, and open-minded.

    Have no doubt that Tadas will excel in any IT management role and I highly recommend him for any future projects.

  • Lead Web Developer at Voltas IT

    Tadas is a great manager! He always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. His ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. He is reliable and very goal-oriented, always open to discuss ideas and suggestions.

  • Lead UX/UI Designer at Voltas IT

    Tadas is enthusiastic and always focused on getting done what is needed to build value for the business. He has amazing technology skillset and organization-building abilities to execute his vision. But his most important goal is to make people around him more successful. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with Tadas in Voltas IT.

  • Software Developer at Voltas IT

    While working with Tadas I have learned and improved in my professional field a lot and I can’t thank him enough. Great leader and teammate that is thoughtful, self-disciplined and true professional - a gem in a team that everyone would want. I’m happy that I had opportunity to work with You. All the best!

  • VP, Implementation and Support at DoubleVerify

    I had the pleasure of working with Tadas collaboratively on a few initiatives between our companies. He is dedicated professional and his work ethic always ensured continued progress. His quick response time and dependable nature was always appreciated. I would look forward to working with him again in the future if the opportunity came up.

  • Head of Business Unit - LMS

    I have worked with Tadas on intranet development project at SBA Group. In this project only I have noticed his strong orientation to business, openness sharing knowledge with fellow IT colleagues, patience while explaining technical nuances to non-technical people. Tadas is also extremely curious and enthusiastic about staying on-top of the industry news, which then enables him to give insights and solutions that are creative, forward-looking and based on hands-on experiences. I would definitely like to work with him in the future and with no doubt can recommend working with him for others.

  • IT Recruiter with 8 years of experience in the field

    Tadas is one of the best candidates I have interviewed. He is smart, ambitious and very enthusiastic about what he does. He is also highly business oriented, always thinking how his ideas can help ease people’s lives and save costs to business. Tadas has qualities of a natural born leader, so I have no doubts his career will be very successful.

  • Senior Product Manager

    I met Tadas at Adform where we were both Technical Product Managers and Product Management Leads. During my time there, I came to know him as a truly business-focused PM, focusing on outcomes, and not merely output. Tadas is confident in his decisions, yet accepting of others’ motivated opinions. He has great technical aptitude, shines at managing cross-team projects, and is a true gem when it comes to optimizing processes. The meetings I had with him were definitely some of the most productive and actionable ones! In short, Tadas is a true asset to have for any product organization, never settling for the average, and just getting.things.done.

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