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Tadas Pikutis

Transforming the Development Team: How Effective Leadership and Data-Driven Decisions Led to Company Growth and Recognition in the Tech Industry

As the CTO of an organization, my focus was on driving a transformative change in the way our software development team operated. Through effective leadership, clear communication and a focus on data-driven decision making, we were able to achieve several key results:

  1. We created a comprehensive software developer team performance and salary evaluation system. This helped to ensure that our team members were being fairly compensated for their contributions, and also provided a clear set of metrics for measuring performance and progress.
  2. Over the course of two years, we were able to maintain a retention rate of 100%, meaning that no developers left the job during that time period. This was a significant accomplishment, as it demonstrated that our team members were engaged and motivated to stay with the company.
  3. As a result of our efforts, our development team grew by 2 times its original size. This allowed us to take on more complex and ambitious projects, and helped to drive the overall growth of the company.

Our company's digital product as main product grew 5000% percent over the two-year period. This dramatic growth was a direct result of the efforts we put into transforming our development team and building a stronger, more effective organization.

As a result of our success, our company began to gain recognition and credibility within the tech industry. We actively participated in and even hosted country-wide tech events, including organizing and hosting our first hackathon event. The event brought together developers and tech enthusiasts from all over the country, and provided an opportunity for our team members to showcase their skills and gain exposure to new technologies and trends. The hackathon was a major milestone for our company, as it helped to establish us as a leader in the tech industry and also served as a platform to attract top talent to join our team.

Overall, the transformation of our development team was a key driver of the company's success, and the participation in the tech events and hosting hackathon helped to elevate our company's reputation and position us as a key player in the industry. This helped to further drive the growth and success of our company.