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Task management system, B2B marketplace or Personal website?

Short version if You are in a hurry - all of these cases Yet if You do have time - read on to find out our experiences on WHY, HOW, and notably, WHEN

Common goals and targets

First of all, lets not main goals and targets that all of mentioned platforms shared:

Now, we can all agree that these requirements can be achieved used multiple web frameworks or technologies. So then, why Django? Well, because of the values Django was built around:

Django - The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
Django makes it easier to build better web apps more quickly and with less code.

Although it seems like a simple advertising, in our experience this advertising was totally correct, and here are some practical delivery examples.


This use case study will mostly cover Task management system. B2B market place currently is on-going project, and will get own use case study later, and as for demo of Django personal website - You are looking at one right now.

Task management system

Couple of quick KPI's achieved

Project time total

74.2 hrs

Avg. page load

< 250 ms

Avg. Lighthouse grade


And couple more interesting facts about project it self:

Clients feedback:

Are you sure that we are done already? It's almost too quick

Basic problem solved behind this project was to allow people, working in manufacturing plant, quickly note problems that has occurred in manufacturing process, so that those problems would become tasks for responsible specialists to solve. Previous this process was done over regular verbal sync ups, yet this way proven to be slow and inefficient.

The choice was made to go for cross platform solution, suitable for PC's in manufacturing plant units, mobiles and tablets. Platform needed to have login and registration functionalities, and rights management system with different permissions for task creators and executors. Since environments are sometimes harsh, requirement for quick ui interaction also was on the table.

With all this captured: these are the results on django platform

Logging in, installing app, registering problem wit image upload, receiving notifications as administrator about problem state changes

Results summary

Outcome - cross platform system, based on bootstrap template, reporting A on securityheaders.com audits, in compliance with NIST security guidelines, that currently costs $6 / month to run, done in les than 10 FTE (one person work) days.

On scalability side all system processes runs async on server using ques, so not only end users don't have to wait for processing, unlimited amount of workers to perform que tasks can be launched, thus allowing various scalability options.

On localization - although this was not a requirement, system is fully localizible out of the box (for both texts and urls). Hope that client will grow global, and this feature will come in handy.

Thoughts or questions?

Just reach out and lets talk :)